How Do I Know If My Unisa Application Was Successful?

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How Do I Know If My Unisa Application Was Successful?

How Do I Track To Know If My Unisa Application Was Successful?

Prospective learners who have applied for the Unisa applications for the 2023 academic year are notified that it takes a while to hear from Unisa after the submission of their applications. However, during the waiting period, some applicants are curious to Know the outcome of their application, therefore Unisa has given them the opportunity to track the status of their application to know whether they were successful or not.

On application status portal 2023, the UNISA online application for admission status for the 2023 academic year is open and active. Unisa will open its application for the 2023 academic year from the 1st of September 2022 and Unisa will be closing its application window on the 14th of October 2022. Applications that will be submitted after the application deadline will be denied and rejected, therefore apply now.

If you are sure you only submitted genuinely documents as required by Unisa for the 2023 academic year, and the contact details you provided are active and working but still haven’t heard from Unisa, the process that will be published below will help you check the status of your application in knowing if you were offered a space or not.


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How Do I Know If My Unisa 2023 Application Was Successful?

All applicants who applied for admission into the 2023 study season at Unisa but have not received any response can check the status or the outcome of the application. Please note that you will NOT be able to track the status of your application using this process if you applied for any Master’s or Doctoral qualification:

  • Visit UNISA Application Status 2023 website at
  • Fill in your personal details for verification
  • Enter your student number
  • Type in your Surname/Last name in the space provided
  • Enter your First name/Forename
  • Select your Date of Birth
  • Complete your UNISA status for 2023 admission by clicking on the Submit button


How Do I Know If My Unisa Application Was Successful Unisa Using myUnisa

If you applied for admission to the University of South Africa (UNISA) for 2023 and would like to track the status of your application, accept an offer of admission, or appeal a denial of admission, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the homepage of myUnisa (
  • Click on “Forgotten Student Number?” in the left navigation bar.
  • Enter the required details to search for your student number.
  • Read through the instructions provided in order not to make mistakes but to retrieve student numbers successfully.

With the above information and guide given, you deserve to be congratulated for your success in checking you’re application status. Congratulations if you’ve gained admission to study at Unisa.


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Contact Details

General resources: websites, general SMS, fax and e-mail enquiries. A number of administrative processes, including the convenience of fee payments and information about examinations, are available on the following platforms All application, registration and study-related information are available on the Unisa corporate website in both web and Mobi formats.

  • Unisa website (
  • The myUnisa website.
  • myUnisa (
  • Fax enquiries to 012 429 4150

Applicants may not automatically be accepted to study through Unisa in 2023. Spaces for some qualifications are limited and offers will only be made once all the applications received have been processed. In such cases, your application will be processed and you will be informed that your application for your qualification of choice is subject to enrolment management. Visit The Official Website of Unisa For More Details


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