Apply at UNISA Application 2025-2026

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Apply at UNISA Application 2025-2026

Apply at UNISA Application 2025-2026: Unisa application 2025 opening date

The University of South Africa (UNISA) Online Application 2026 academic year opens on 1 September 2025 and closes on 14th October 2025 for all Undergraduate Applications.

For all UNISA Honours degrees and Postgraduate Online Application dates for 2025 is from 1 September 2025 to 14 October 2025 whiles

Master’s & Doctoral degrees start 14 September – 11 November 2025.

All those who wish to start a new programme at UNISA should apply for admission to the 2025-2026 academic year. The application process includes the following:

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  1. All First-time University of South Africa applicants
  2. University of South Africa students who want to change their programme to a new qualification or want to specialized a programme
  3. Applicants who applied for admission previously and did not offer a space
  4. Students who were offered a space and accepted the offer but did not register
  5. All those who are finishing a higher certificate or other programme and want to continue further Undergraduate studies

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Required Supporting Documents for the University of South Africa Application 2025

All applicants must upload the following required supporting documents:

  1. A copy of your School certificate (Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate)
  2. A copy of your ID (RSA applicants) and Passport ID (International applicants)
  3. You must provide a Sworn translation of documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans
  4. Your official tertiary academic records if necessary
  5. A copy of your Marriage certificate or divorce decree if requested

Apply for Admission to the University of South Africa (UNISA) Application 2025

How to Apply:

If you would like to apply online for admission to UNISA University 2025, the application process is easy – just follow the simple steps provided below:

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  1. Visit UNISA Online Application 2025 portal at
  2. Unisa website will be open for you as seen on the screen
  3. At the top menu of the page, go to the “Admission” tab and click on “Apply for Admission”
  4. The admission page will open and display a lot of information messages.
  5. Carefully read all the information you see on your screen and understand the before you continue the next step.
  6. Choose your qualification (Undergraduate, Honours & Postgraduate diplomas, Master’s & Doctoral degrees, or Short learning programmes).
  7. Read the information messages. Make sure you understand every bit.
  8. Click on “View the Process”
  9. Read through the information and click on “Proceed to ODL and UNISA”
  10. Another page will be open for you to know what is next. Read the information.
  11. If you have successfully completed a qualification through UNISA / distance learning, Click on the “YES” to proceed to the next application process.
  12. A page will be open and display information. If you are certain about your career, Click on “YES” to proceed to the next step.
  13. The next step is to choose the qualification(s) for which you want to apply.
  14. At the top menu of the qualifications, go to Step 4 and Click on “Apply for Admission”. Read the information you see below
  15. Scroll down and click on “CLICK HERE to apply online
  16. The UNISA Application Tool will open for you as seen on the screen.
  17. Read the information and select your qualification
  18. Upload your supporting documents and pay the online application fee of R115
  19. Another page will open for you to Enter your student number and other required details
  20. Click on “Submit your Application” online

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