UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

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UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

The University of South Africa, UNISA Applications for admission to Undergraduate qualifications which is the higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas & degrees for the 2022 academic year open 1 September  and close 30 November 2021. UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

Therefore, the management of the University of South Africa (UNISA) is calling all prospective students who wants to start a new undergraduate programme should apply for admission. UNISA will not accept Late applications for any reason.

How to Apply Online for Admission to UNISA Undergraduate Qualification 2022

In order to apply online at UNISA for Undergraduate qualification, whether for diplomas, advanced diplomas & degrees, higher certificates or advanced certificates, you have to make sure that you meet the admission requirements for your chosen qualification. If you don’t qualify, you will not be able to apply for admission. If you will like to know UNISA Admission requirements 2022 for Undergraduate qualification, click HERE. UNISA Prospectus 2022 Undergraduate PDF download and application form is available on www.unisa.ac.za. UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

The Application Process for UNISA Undergraduate 2022

  • Applicant will be able to apply for at least two certification in order of which you like most even although you can register for only one if both of your chosen qualifications are successful.
  • You will get a notification from UNISA concerning your application progress. If it was successful, they will show you which of the qualification you have been accepted into and they will also offer you a space for the time which you have applied which is the first 1 semester of 2022.
  • You are require accept or reject the offer that will be given to you by UNISA within the right time. If you are not able to accept or reject within the deadline, The University of South Africa (UNISA) will take the offer and your space will be given to another applicant.
  • Those who are applying to UNISA for the first time are needed to finish the First-Year Experience (FYE) MOOC (massive open online course) before they will be able to accept the offer from UNISA.
  • Please, take note that you can accept one offer only. When you accept the offer for your chesn qualification (even if it is your first or second qualification of choice), the other offer in which you selected will take off immediately.
  • You have to also register for the time in which you have been granted admission for semester if you accept the offer UNISA have been given you. Bear it in mind that if you don’t register for the right semester of study, you will have to re-apply for admission in the next application cycle.

Apply Online Using UNISA Application Tool.…UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate


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UNISA Online Application 2022 Undergraduate

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