What Happens If You Fail An Assignment At Unisa?

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What Happens If You Fail An Assignment At Unisa?

What Happens If You Fail  To Submit An Assignment At Unisa?

Unisa wants its students to succeed in their studies and to come to their examinations properly prepared. This is why it insists on all its students submitting a certain number of assignments per course before being allowed to take an examination. Tutorial Letter 101 (102 for first-year B Com) normally contains details of the assignment questions. More details concerning assignment requirements will be provided by the lecturers.

It remains the responsibility of students to ensure that their assignment reaches Unisa on or before the closing date. It is essential that students submit an assignment in time to meet the deadline (submission/closing) date. If you fail to do this, the assignment will not be marked and you will therefore receive NO ADMISSION CREDITS for the assignment.

If you are UNABLE to hand in a compulsory assignment on time, you must apply in advance to the academic department in question (eg the Department of Criminology) for an extension of time. Such an extension will be granted only in exceptional cases. NO assignments handed in after the closing date will be marked unless special permission has been obtained in advance from the head of the relevant academic department.

Although assignments may be submitted before the deadline (submission/closing) date, it is not always possible to mark them before the submission date. Assignments submitted early (eg by students who enrolled in November) will not be marked until February.


Unisa Assignment Submission Date 2023-2024

Because the first two assignments are marked by batch processing, Unisa cannot arrange for the marking of individual assignments. It is therefore very important that you submit your assignment ON or BEFORE the due. Please DO NOT ask for an extension to submit an assignment. Because Unisa cannot arrange for individual assignments to be marked, UNISA also cannot grant extensions.

If you miss an assignment, please start working on the next assignment. The date of marking is usually set THREE days after the due date. As explained in the previous section, we can unfortunately also not accept any late submissions for Assignment 3. Please be on time to be eligible for improving your term mark.


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What Happens If You Fail An Assignment At Unisa 2023?

Students will not be disadvantaged if they do not submit or fail assignments. For certificate courses, all students have automatic entrance to the examination. If you have not submitted any assignments or failed assignments, you will simply have no year mark, and as a result, your examination mark will be the final mark.

On the other hand, if you don’t submit all the assignments, for example, If you submit only 1 out of 3 assignments, your year mark will only make up 5% of your final mark. We have a policy in this course, not to disadvantage students through their year mark, but to use it to help them. For example, if your year mark is average (say 60%) and you get 80% in the exams, your year mark will be disregarded.


Unisa Assignments Contribution Towards Final Mark

According to UNISA regulations, the assignments may count as a small percentage of the final mark. In this course, Unisa’s assignments can contribute a maximum of 15% to the final mark. The reason why it cannot be more than 15% is that the university has no guarantee that the work submitted is the student’s own work.

Also, Unisa allows students to work in groups, which implies that the work submitted is not entirely the own work of the student who submitted the work. However, we acknowledge the fact that most students work throughout the year and recognise your effort by making the assignments count. In most other courses at UNISA, assignments do NOT count towards the final mark but simply serve as an entrance requirement for the examinations. A maximum of 15% is allowed by letting each assignment count as 5% of the final mark.


When To Submit An Assignment At Unisa

Please remember that submission must be ON or BEFORE the due date. If there is a consistent problem with the Unisa servers two days prior to the due date, Unisa automatically extends the due date for a week (Also the section on Possible Problems). Remember that the automatic extension of one assignment does NOT imply an extension of the follow-up assignments, you must therefore continue with your study programme as initially planned and not adjust your schedule according to the new date.


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All multiple-choice assignments are marked electronically as a batch on a predetermined date. The system does NOT mark assignments as they are submitted, but all are marked at the same time as a single batch. This means if your assignment is not part of the batch it will not be considered for marking. The Assignment Department publishes the results of the marked assignment on SOL or sends it by postal mail to correspondence students. Visit the Official website Of Unisa For More Details

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