How Many Points Is A Diploma

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How Many Points Is A Diploma

How Many APS Points Is A Diploma

In other to be accepted or get admission into any college or university, your passing APS point must be appealing to the institution. APS can be defined as Admission Point Score. Without a good APS, you will not get admitted into any higher education institution. Do you want to further your education in a tertiary institution by obtaining a diploma, but you seemed to be a bit confused about which path to take, don’t worry your APS can assist you.  To be admitted to a Diploma course, you will need a diploma pass – minimum APS 19.

Your APS will provide you with the guidance needed if you are unsure which course, programme and qualification to study at the university. There are many APS calculators that can show you the exact courses you qualify for. All NATED Diploma courses and ICB Diploma courses are the best courses to study. All these Diploma courses are scarce skills courses. With scarce skills courses, your knowledge and skills are in demand. Your chances of being employed after completing your Diploma course are very high.


At least 40% for your Home Language. At least 40% for three other subjects excluding Life Orientation. At least 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) of the tertiary institution (Higher Education Institution)


How To Calculate Your APS Point For University

You can calculate your APS score by adding the points of your six  (6) best subjects in high school (excluding Life Orientation), the percentage you received for that subject determines your points. The total number of points you receive is your APS.

Below is how the APS point is calculated:

  • 80% – 100% = 7 points
  • 70% – 79% = 6 points
  • 60% – 69% = 5 points
  • 50% – 59% = 4 points
  • 40% – 49% = 3 points
  • 30% – 39% = 2 points
  • 0% – 29% = 1 point

Once you have summed up all your points you have your APS score. The highest possible score you can achieve is 42. For undergraduate qualifications theses of the minimum APS scores needs:

  • Higher Certificate – 15 points
  • Diploma – 18 points
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 21+ points (depending on the qualification)


What Are The Characteristics Of Diploma Course

Here are the characteristics of a Diploma course

  • With a Diploma course, the academic emphasis is more on a practical approach to learning
  • Diploma courses are offered on a full-time and/or part-time basis
  • Diploma courses are generally offered over a three-year period
  • Industry training can be anything from six months to 18 months


What Are The Advantages Of A Diploma Course?

Here are the advantages of a Diploma course:

  • Employers value skills
  • You get in the job market quicker
  • Diplomas are more affordable
  • Flexible learning


How Many Points Is A Diploma

Deciding what your APS should be is subjective. The APS you want to get will depend on what you want to study and where you want to study. The minimum APS requirements for the four passing levels are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree pass – minimum APS 23
  • Diploma pass – minimum APS 19
  • Higher Certificate pass – minimum APS 15
  • NSC pass – minimum APS 14


What Is The Minimum APS Score For A Bachelor’s Degree Pass?

The minimum APS for a Bachelor’s Degree pass, also known as a Matric exemption pass, is 23. However, achieving this does not guarantee that you will get into a Bachelor’s Degree course. Some courses will also require a higher APS than the general requirement.


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