What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most

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What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most

What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most In South Africa

As it has been known and said no one goes into teaching to become a millionaire; despite the work that goes into becoming a teacher, it has also been heard that teachers are underpaid but overworked, and even the best careers in education are still nowhere to be compared to the average CEO salary, though superintendents, principals, and other administrators probably work much harder than your average CEO.

But still, educators or teachers are drawn to the profession out of a love of learning, caring, and making a difference in the lives of children, youth, and adults. Teachers are just like everyone else, though, always looking for advancement, higher pay, and even more opportunities. Some people move into more specialized teaching roles, and some of the best-paid teaching jobs include special education and gifted education.

Others move into administrative roles, earning higher degrees to become principals and college administrators. Whatever the path, the best careers in education are always in demand, and earning the higher degrees necessary for higher positions is a good investment.


How Much Salary Do Teachers In South Africa Recieve

In South Africa, underqualified Teachers, Teachers in private schools or Special Needs Teachers tend to have the lowest salaries, while experienced and qualified Senior Teachers and Master Teachers in public schools or Teachers who are part of the school management like Heads of Departments (HODs) enjoy the highest salaries. The table below is some of the average salaries teachers receive in South Africa per year:

Heads of Department

  • Salary: R 408K/year
  • Difference: +58%

Master Teacher

  • Salary: R 385K/year
  • Difference: +49%

Senior Teacher

  • Salary: R 343K/year
  • Difference: +33%

Post Level 1 Teacher: Government School

  • Salary: R 258K/year
  • Difference: ±0%

Special Needs Teacher

  • Salary: R 165K/year
  • Difference: R36%

Private School Teacher

  • Salary: R 152K/year
    Difference: -41%

Teacher Assistant

  • Salary: R 41K/year
  • Difference: -84%


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What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most In South Africa

Teachers have a greater influence on the lives and future careers of their students. They have the potential to inspire their students to be diligent inside and outside of the classroom, and they help guide what career goals are the best fit for them. If you want to pursue a career in education, there are plenty of options to choose from to help you inspire both children and young adults in your community. Below are the kind of teachers that receives the highest pay:

Associate professor:

National average salary: $91,534 per year

Primary duties:

  • Associate professors hold similar roles to assistant professors, teaching college students in a specialized field. Associate professors usually earn this title once they’ve gained tenure and contributed a significant amount of research to their institution. They may teach specialized courses in a specific discipline and contribute to administrative functions in the department, such as the development of a curriculum.


Assistant professor

  • National average salary: $81,245 per year

Primary duties:

  • An assistant professor is an employee of an educational institution, often working in an entry-level role before gaining tenure as an associate or full-time professor. They establish lesson plans and lectures for students while administering exams to review their course progress. They usually have office hours to assist students with individual questions about coursework.


Speech Pathologist

  • National average salary: $80,618 per year

Primary duties:

  • A speech pathologist, also known as a speech therapist, works with patients to diagnose and treat communication disorders in both children and adults. Treatment plans typically include personalized lesson plans that the patient can practice on their own time.



  • National average salary: $80,558 per year

Primary duties:

  • A superintendent is also sometimes known as the chief executive within a school district. They execute the school board’s strategy to help educate students and allocate resources that benefit their development. They’re also accountable for staffing the school district and making changes to school programs and personnel when needed

What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most in South Africa


Elementary School Teacher

  • National average salary: $70,622 per year

Primary duties:

  • Elementary school teachers are responsible for teaching young children to expand their skills in areas such as math and reading while working on projects and together in groups. Teachers meet with parents to discuss their student’s progress in the classroom and growth related to their personal development. They also keep records of students’ academic performance and work with them accordingly to help them excel in their assignments.


Education Consultant

  • National average salary: $62,972 per year

Primary duties:

  • Education consultants render their services to students, parents and educational organizations on academic subjects of interest. They can suggest enhancements to the curriculum, classroom size and technology that help improve students’ performance.


Guidance Counsellor

  • National average salary: $56,352 per year

Primary duties:

  • A guidance counsellor advises students through their educational and professional search. They can help outline areas of academic success, explore potential career options and evaluate areas of social development. These professionals work with students in all areas of schooling, but they commonly guide high school or college students.


Learning And Development Coordinator

  • National average salary: $53,171 per year

Primary duties:

  • A learning and development coordinator institutes training programs for students who need help in a specific area of education. These professionals review students’ areas of growth. They also develop processes that help students achieve success in the classroom.


Director Of Student Services

  • National average salary: $55,427 per year

Primary duties:

  • The director of student services aims to meet students’ needs while they attend a college or university. They begin new programs that focus on student development, such as sports and concerts, to increase student interaction. They also create policies and procedures for students to adhere to if they live on campus.


English As A Second Language (ESL) Teacher

  • National average salary: $51,359 per year

Primary duties:

  • Educators who teach English as a second language work with non-native English speakers to improve their fluency in spoken and written forms. Some professionals go to different countries and teach English to young students who want to advance their knowledge of other languages. They may also teach classes for non-native speakers who have moved to an English-speaking country.


What Kind Of Teacher Gets Paid The Most in South Africa


  • National average salary: $52,442 per year

Primary duties:

  • A librarian oversees a library’s staff and manages the storage and organization of informational pieces such as books, periodicals, documents and records. They may also help visitors who need to log onto the library network or search the database for books on file. Librarians assist students with gathering information using the library’s resources.


Health Educator

  • National average salary: $34,091 per year

Primary duties:

  • Health educators teach their students habits and behaviours that help them improve their long-term vitality. They create and administer strategies to increase the health of those within their communities. They may also work with local health care professionals.

High School Teacher

  • National average salary: $47,398 per year

Primary duties:

  • A high school teacher works with students from grades 9-12 to prepare them for their education after high school They specialize in subjects such as math, English and history. High school teachers also give students valuable lessons and skills that can help determine the direction they want to take in their professional lives.

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