UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026

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UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Complete and Submit the University of South Africa (UNISA) Online Application Form 2025 via www.unisa.ac.za

UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026

The University of South Africa, UNISA Online Applications for admission to the 2025-2026 academic year will officially be open from 2 September 2024 to 18 November 2024 for all undergraduate, honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas. Applicants who would like to commence a new programme or course at the University of South Africa (UNISA) must apply for 2025 admission.

Application for Admission to 2025

Application dates for Admission to study at UNISA in 2022 academic year has been outlined below for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Honours, Masters and Doctorals. Here are dates for applications;

  1. UNISA Application for Admission dates to 2025 Undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas & degrees) open 2 September 2024 and close 18 November 2024
  2. Application dates for Admission to UNISA Honours degrees & Postgraduate diplomas open from 2 September to 18 November 2024.
  3. UNISA Masters and Doctoral qualifications Application dates for admission to 2025 academic year open from 16 September 2024 to 11 November 2024. UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026

How to Apply for Admission to UNISA Online 2025

The University of South Africa, UNISA online application for admission has been categorized into Undergraduate qualification Application, Honours degree & Postgraduate diplomas application and Masters & Doctoral qualification applications. Now, we are going to take them one by one so that whether you are applying for any of them, you will be able to know how to apply online using UNISA application tool.

Undergraduate qualification Application 2025

From September 2 to November 18, 2024, applications for undergraduate qualifications (higher certificates, intermediate certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and degrees) for the 2025 academic year will be opened.

Anyone interested in starting a new programme should apply for admission. This application for admission consist of the following:

  1. All those who are applying for their first time
  2. Students at UNISA who are pursuing a new programme or specialization are encouraged to apply.
  3. Applicants who earlier on applied for entry but were not given a chance or who were offered a space but were not able to register until they declined the offer.
  4. Applicants finishing a higher certificate or any other programme and wants to continue with further undergraduate studies

UNISA Selection and Application for 2025:

What is the selection procedure like? The measurement of your individual points score, which takes into account your final Grade 12 grades as well as other main considerations such as your ethnicity, social category, race, and so on, is at the center of the selection process. UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026

Please check whether you meet the statutory and college-specific admission criteria, as well as the appropriate academics points score (APS) for your chosen qualification, before submitting an application (s). A minimum APS of 15 is required for a higher certificate, an APS of 18 for a diploma, and a minimum APS of 21 for a bachelor’s degree (some exceptions apply).

It’s important to note that you will not be immediately admitted to enroll at UNISA in the first (1) semester of 2025. The number of places available for each qualification will determine how students are accommodated.

UNISA Application Process:

Applicants should also remember that application can be done for a maximum of two programmes that is been ranked in order of choice even though you may only register for one if both of your qualifications are successful.

The University of South Africa (UNISA) will notify every applicants of the outcome of their application. If the application was successful, UNISA will show you for which programme you have been accepted and will as well offer you a space for the time for which you have applied for, i.e. First (1st) semester. UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026

You have to accept or rejects Unisa offer according to the time given. If you are not able to meet the deadline, UNISA will take away the offer and give your space to another person who have also applied.

Click HERE to apply online for Admission: UNISA Online Applications 2025-2026


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