UNISA Aegrotat Application Form 2022

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UNISA Aegrotat Application Form 2022-2023

UNISA Aegrotat Application Form 2022 for Exam

The University of South Africa (UNISA) Aegrotat Online Application Form for 2021-2022 is available in PDF format on myUNISA. You can download a copy and make your applications via the myUNISA Application portal for the 2022-2023 Academic year.

It is only on myUnisa that you can access the aegrotat online application form. Move to the Examination Timetable tool in the administration part of myUnisa and follow the procedure

How to Apply for UNISA Aegrotat Exams Application Form 2021-2022 Online

The Aegrotat online application form for UNISA exams is only available on myUNISA.Therefore, applicants should follow the steps below to apply via myUNISA.

  1. Go to myUNISA website: https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/myunisa/default/
  2. Log into myUNISA portal
  3. Navigate to the Examination Timetable tool in the administrative section

The online application for aegrotat / special examinations has to be accompanied by a medical certificate or other documentary evidence that explains in detail why the candidate was unable to take the exam.

The application must be accompanied by the required examination fee. MyUnisa is the only way to submit an application within 10 days of the date the examination was supposed to be completed.

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Remember that late or incomplete applications are not going to be considered. Examination fees are not refundable or transferable.

No alternative dates or times can be arranged in cases where examination dates or times clash.

If a student qualifies for both an aegrotat or special examination and a supplemental examination under General information and Rules G10(4), the supplementary examination will lapse if the examination dates and/or times clash.

Aegrotat Examinations: UNISA Aegrotat Exam 2022
Each application for an aegrotat examination must be accompanied by a satisfactory medical certificate issued by a Medical Practitioner registered with the SA Medical and Dental Council. The medical certificate must specify the nature, the commencement date and the duration of the illness, and declare that for health reasons it was impossible or undesirable for the candidate to sit for the examination on the day(s) concerned

  • illness on the day or immediately prior to or during the examination
    Ensure that the date on the medical certificate corresponds with the examination date. The student number must appear on all documentation.

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Special examinations

  • personal circumstances such as work commitments, serious illness, or death of a relative during the examination period.

Examinations for the physically handicapped

  • A physically disabled student who is unable to take his or her examination at an approved location must submit an annual written application before 28 February for the May / June examinations and before 31 July for the October / November or January / February examination to write at a special venue, and submit a medical certificate specifying the nature of his / her disability.
  • A disabled student who requires special test preparations is in the same boat.

Download UNISA Aegrotat Special Exams Application form


For more details, visit https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/myunisa/default/Assignments-&-Examination/Examinations/Aegrotat-and-Special-Exams