Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

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Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

Registration with UNISA 2022-2023: UNISA Registration for 2022…How to Check UNISA Registration Status 2022…UNISA Application 2022-2023

The University of South Africa, UNISA Registration for 2022 opening and closing dates has been published on UNISA website: online. Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

The management at the University of South Africa (UNISA) is calling all applicants who successfully applied for admission to the 2022-2023 academic year to register online for their chosen qualification.

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Register to Study through UNISA: Online Registration for 2022

University of South Africa (UNISA) Registration for 2022 Undergraduate qualifications, i.e. Diplomas & Degrees, Advanced certificates, Higher certificates, Advanced diplomas, BTechs & Postgraduate certificates, Postgraduate diplomas and Honours degrees for all semesters and year modules open 5 January and close 31 March 2022

UNISA Registration for 2022 Masters & Doctoral qualification: 5 January to 29 April 2022

The University of South Africa (UNISA) Registration Process for 2022:


If you wish to register online at UNISA for 2022-2023 academic year, please, read the following instructions very carefully to know what and how to register successfully. Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

  • All Applicants, new and UNISA students who were able to apply for admission to a new programmes can register only if they have been able to received an offer of placement from UNISA and have approved the offer online. Registration with UNISA 2022-2023
  • All those who wish to register again should also register for the 2022 academic year during the prescribed registration period given by the University.
  • Find your qualification and choose your modules. Remember that any of the qualification at UNISA is design in such a way that, you are required to pass a certain number of NQF level credits within a specific time frame before you can graduate. Also, take note of UNISA Admission and Re-admission rules
  • You must Calculate your study fees. It is very necessary to check the full cost of your studies before verifying your modules for registration. You can select your modules and calculate your fees when you are on the online registration process. UNISA Application 2022
  • Complete and submit your registration. Make sure to complete and submit your registration. Incomplete registration will not be processed by UNISA. Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

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How to Register: University of South Africa (UNISA) Online Registration 2022

UNISA Online Registration process is very quick, simple and reliable. As you are registering online, you will be asked if any information is not complete or wrong, which will help you make sure you have filled out all of the necessary fields before submitting your registration form. Registration with UNISA 2022-2023

Follow the steps below to register at UNISA Online 2022:

  1. Visit UNISA Registration website at
  2. Look out for the qualification level
  3. Click on the “GO” you see on your screen
  4. You then enter your student number in the space you see
  5. Provide all other information that are required
  6. Cross-check all your personal details on the screen and correct missing details
  7. You will see a drop-down list of modules, click on your choice
  8. Do not go beyond the number of modules set for you per semester or year
  9. Then, you need to calculate your registration or study fees. You can use this link to generate a quote for the cost of your modules.
  10. After that, “Submit your Registration Online”…Registration with UNISA 2022-2023


UNISA Registration Status 2022-2023

Unisa Online Registration 2022-2023

Apply at UNISA 2022-2023 Online

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