What Is N5 Qualification

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What Is N5 Qualification

What Is N5  Higher Certificate Qualification

NQF stands for National Qualifications Framework. This system is used to determine which level of qualification or qualifications students have achieved. The higher your NQF Level, the Higher your Qualification. The main purpose of the NQF is to ensure that each student gets the opportunity to enhance their personal development by moving from one NQF Level to the next.

N5 Qualification can also be called Level 5 or a Higher Certificate. Students receive a Higher Certificate once they have completed a Higher Certificate programme at a higher education institution. There are levels in NQ certificates ranging from 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The different levels represent the different levels of education and the different qualifications achieved by the person.

What I A Student Study With N5 Qualification In South Africa

A Higher Certificate Pass or N4 qualification is the third-highest of the four passes in Matric. With a Higher Certificate pass, you can study the following:

  • NATED courses
  • ICB Courses
  • Short Courses


 N5 NATED courses 

NATED courses are courses that were originated by the Department of Higher Education and training. This was after the Department had identified a skills gap in the job marketplace. NATED stands for National Accredited Technical Education Diploma. Here is a list of 28 NATED courses that are offered by Matric College under The following 7 NATED programmes:

  • Business Management Courses
  • Marketing Management Courses
  • Management Assistant Courses
  • Human Resources Management Courses
  • Financial Management Courses
  • Educare Courses
  • Legal Secretary Courses


ICB Courses

ICB Courses are business courses that are designed and examined by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. The courses are offered by ICB Accredited Colleges either by contact learning or by distance learning. Matric College is accredited by ICB to offer ICB courses via distance learning. This means that you can study an ICB course from the comfort of your space and at your own pace. Matric College offers 3 ICB Programmes namely:

  • ICB Business Management
  • ICB Office Administration
  • ICB Financial Accounting


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Short Courses

There are no specific entry requirements to study Short courses. Here are the Short courses that you can study:

  • Beauty courses
  • Educare and Childcare courses
  • Tourism and Guest House courses
  • Event and Wedding Planning courses


Beauty Courses

  • Salon Management
  • Nail Care
  • Make-Up Application
  • Facial Skincare


Educare And Child Care Courses

  • First Aid
  • Creche Management
  • Child Day Care
  • Child Psychology


Tourism And Guesthouse

  • Guesthouse Management
  • Tourism


Event And Wedding Planning

  • Wedding Planning
  • Event Planning


What Are The Importance Of Studying N5 Qualification?

Educating the youth of South Africa is an essential part of equipping South African citizens with the skills and knowledge needed to take the country into the future. An article published in 2017* reports that only 52% of age-appropriate learners remain enrolled by Grade 12. The study goes on to note that approximately 60% of South African first graders are likely to drop out of school. These shocking statistics leave concern for the future of the South African workforce and leadership.

Youth employment programmes exist to bridge the gap between a lack of education and creating employment opportunities. They create an engaging environment for South African students that have been unable to complete their education. The South African education system has different National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels based on the highest level of learning achieved.


NQF Level Available In South Africa

  • NQF 1 – General Certificate
  • NQF 2 – Elementary Certificate
  • NQF 3 – Intermediate Certificate
  • NQF 4 – National Certificate (Matric)
  • NQF 5 – Higher Certificate
  • NQF 6 – Diploma and Advanced Certificate
  • NQF 7 – Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced Certificate
  • NQF 8 – Honours Degree and Postgraduate Diploma
  • NQF 9 – Master’s Degree
  • NQF 10 – Doctoral Degree


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