What Can I study At Unisa If I Failed Matric?

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What Can I study At Unisa If I Failed Matric?

What Course Can I study At Unisa If I Failed Matric?

Many are they that are constantly looking for a course to study at Unisa without matric. Matric opens a huge door opportunity for applicants applying to Unisa. But the good news is, even without Matric there are some courses that one can study at Unisa without a matric certificate. In the South African educational system, matric is a qualification on NQF level 4. There are numerous matric programmes that give students accredited and recognised qualifications which can be utilised to study up to level 6 of NQF.

Gone are the days when people think that without a matric certificate one cannot study further or even get a decent career for themselves. But academically matric is a qualification on NQF level 4. Matric does not actually prepare you for a specific job but it is just an entry requirement to further studies.


What  Course Can I Study At Unisa If I Failed Matric 2023?

There are some courses at Unisa, which does not require matric as an entry requirement to further studies. You can enrol on those programmes without having a matric certificate. The only entry requirement for those qualifications is that you must be older than 16 and that you must have completed Grade 10. Since these courses offered are in English, you must be able to read, write and understand the English language.


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List Of You Can Study At Unisa Without Maric

The following are courses that can be studied at Unisa without a Matric certificate:

  • Beauty Therapy Studies
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Studies
  • Child Day Care Studies
  • Computer Studies
  • Management Studies
  • Occupational Health and Safety Studies
  • Policing, Investigations and Forensic Studies
  • Project Management Studies
  • Workplace Administration and Secretarial Studies
  • Work Environment Skills Quick Courses


What Should I Study At Unisa If I Failed Matric?

If you have not completed matric or your results do not grant you admission to Unisa, you may want to consider other study alternatives related to your career goals. You will need to research the different options you have based on your circumstances and what you want. Follow the below process to upgrade your National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate:

  • If you completed your Senior Certificate before 2008, you may contact your local district of the Department of Education for more information about completing the Amended Senior Certificate or search for institutions that offer tuition for this online.
  • You can search for institutions that offer contact and distance learning options to complete or upgrade your NSC. Search online for institutions that offer this option.


Contact Unisa

General resources: websites, and general SMS, fax and e-mail enquiries

A number of administrative processes, including the convenience of fee payments and information about examinations, are available on the following platforms:

  • All application, registration and study-related information are available on the Unisa corporate website in both web and Mobi formats.
  • The myUnisa website.
  •  Fax enquiries to 012 429 4150


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