myUnisa Login my Admin Assignments 2022

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myUnisa Login my Admin Assignments 2022

myUnisa Login my Admin Assignments 2022

myUnisa is a platform for submitting assignments. myUnisa allows you to apply written and multiple-choice assignments for formal courses online.

There are three approaches to ensure that the assignments have been submitted successfully:

  • You will get a simple status message when you send an assignment. Your assignment has been successfully received by Unisa if the message reads “Assignment received in good order.”
  • On request, you will receive a receipt with a special track and trace number.
  • Following the satisfactory submission of an assignment, the list of assignments for each module on myUnisa will be revised.

Submitting written (text) assignments online

Your assignments must be prepared in a file format that can be submitted to myUnisa. This file must be in one of the formats specified on the submission screen’s “Specify the type of file” drop-down column. Any file forms aren’t allowed. Make sure the type you chose fits the type of file you have; otherwise, your lecturer could get pages full of garbage.

Your assignment will be uploaded from your computer to the Unisa network until you press “Continue.” Depending on the scale of your task and the speed of your Internet access, this could take several minutes. When the task is submitted, the information will appear on your computer for final review. You will then either go back and make changes or apply the task by pressing “Submit Assignment.”

It is recommended that you upload your document in PDF format through myUnisa if your assignment score includes points for layout and formatting. This would keep the assignment’s style and formatting from being automatically updated after you upload it. On the myUnisa home page, under Electronic Resources, you will learn more about PDF converters.

Online assignments submitted on myUnisa will be graded online. The marked tasks would be returned to students and made available for viewing on the internet. If you make a mistake and need to resubmit your assignment, do it right away. Only while the re-submit connection appears next to the task number would you be able to submit an assignment. Please double-check for errors before submitting! When your tasks have been approved, the send button will change to resubmit. Resubmit only if you need to make changes to your assignment.


Know that it is your duty to make sure that your assignments arrive at Unisa (preferably 72 hours) before the deadline or the closing date. Go to myUnisa or send an e-mail to find out whether Unisa has accepted your assignments. Add your student number in the subject line of your email to


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