Are Unisa Exams Open Book 2023

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Are Unisa Exams Open Book 2023

Are Unisa Exams Open Book 2023

Examinations that are offered on the campuses of Unisa are always invigilated by examiners which makes the closed-book exams, but examinations that are conducted online are open-book exams because those exams are not invigilated. Students, however, should approach online examinations as they would any other invigilated closed-book exam.

Examinations for modules which are offered in semesters are written in May / June with the supplementary and aegrotat examinations being written in October / November. Examinations for the second semester are written in October / November with the supplementary and aegrotat examinations being written the following May / June.

The examination timetable must be read VERY CAREFULLY. On no account will misreading examination dates or times be considered as a reason for granting admission to a supplementary examination. The examination instructions appear on the other side of the timetable. Contravention of these instructions could result in the application of the Disciplinary Code for Students.


Unisa Examination Dates For 2023

Are you a student of Unisa, take note of the following dates for the 2023 examinations:


May / June semester examinations

  • On 15 APRIL 2023, the FINAL TIMETABLE for the May semester examinations will be posted to all candidates concerned.
    Any candidate who has NOT received his / her final timetable must IMMEDIATELY contact the Examination Administration Division by sending an e-mail to with your student number.


October / November examinations

  • On 12 SEPTEMBER the FINAL TIMETABLE for the October examination will be posted to all candidates concerned.
    The examinations in study units for the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting are also conducted in October/November and those for the Postgraduate Diploma in Auditing are in September.

Any candidate who has NOT received his/her final timetable must IMMEDIATELY contact the Examination Administration Division by sending an e-mail to with your student number.


January / February examinations (including supplementary, aegrotat and special examinations)

  • The examinations in study units for the Further Diploma in Education and the postgraduate diploma in Advanced Nursing Science, Distance Education, Telecommunications and Information Policy, Tertiary Education, and Translation are conducted in January/February. They begin on or about 24 January – 18 February.

Note: On 8 NOVEMBER the FINAL TIMETABLE will be sent to all candidates via MyLife e-mail. If you have NOT received this timetable you must contact Examination Arrangements immediately to get a duplicate copy.
The examination timetable for the supplementary, aegrotat and special Examinations is posted to candidates together with their examination results.


Read: Download The Unisa Examination Rule And Instruction PDF 2023


Unisa Examination Fees 2023

A basic examination fee for one examination is included in the student fees payable for each study unit. Additional fees are payable in the following cases 2023 academic year:

Aegrotat examination


Special examination


Supplementary examination


Remarking of examination script


Purchasing of examination script     –         R55

Are Unisa Exams Open Book 2023


Unisa Examination Requirements 2023

You must please keep the following documentation safely and take it along to the examination venue:

  • Registration letter (you will receive this early in the year – it contains your student number as well as the courses that you are enrolled for).
    Examination letter from the Registrar (you should receive a letter, usually in September, from the Examinations Department, confirming your exam dates and venue).


  • Unisa depends on the public postal system, so it, unfortunately, happens that post that is sent out, do not reach their destinations in time. If you have not received the above documentation by mid-September, it is your responsibility to contact UNISA (you can contact our secretary at or (012) 4296089).


  • You must also take your ID book or Passport along to the examination venue.



  • The scheduled duration of each paper is 3 hours.


How  Many Chances Does A Unisa Student Need To Write Exams For A Course

A course has only one examination per semester. No supplementary papers are available for students who did not write the examination at the end of their course.

According to University regulations, students MUST write their examinations in the academic semester that they are enrolled for. This means that a student who has, for example, submitted all assignments in the first semester of 2004, but for some reason miss the exams, CANNOT sit for the examination in November 2004. Only REGISTERED students may write examinations, and if a student misses the dates for the exams in June 2004, he or she has to re-register (pay registration fees) again in July 2004 to be eligible to write the examination.

Unfortunately, NO special arrangements are made for candidates who cannot write the exam. The only assistance we can offer to students who miss the exam dates is to give a rebate on registration fees for the next year. Please take note, that this is not an automatic arrangement, but students who cannot write their exams must make special arrangements with the lecturers in this regard.

Are Unisa Exams Open Book 2023

Examination Administration

Type of enquiry E-mail Telephone
Examination Venue and Invigilation Administration 011 471 3174
011 471 2375
College of Accounting Sciences
012 429 2254
012 429 4347
012 429 2700


College of Human Sciences
College of Education
Deliwe Mualefe 012 429 3309
Nthabiseng Ledwaba 012 429 6187
Carol Bafedi 012 429 2251
Bombeleni Makamu 012 429 8585
College of Economics &
Management Sciences
Tsheko Mogapi 012 429 3649
Tinyiko Mojadibe 012 429 2422
Thabo Mmako 012 429 2296
Virginia Selabe 012 429 4347
College of Law
012 429 8641
012 429 2268
College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
College of Science, Engineering and Technology
011 471 2928
011 471 3121

If a candidate qualifies for a supplementary examination, it will be indicated in his / her examination results. A supplementary examination by virtue of a candidate’s performance in the examinations may be granted. Visit Te Official Website of Unisa for More details.

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