University of South Australia Scholarships 2025-2026

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University of South Australia Scholarships 2025-2026

University of South Australia Scholarships 2025-2026:UniSA Scholarships

The University of South Australia (UniSA) Scholarships Application for the 2025-2026 academic year is open and will be closing on 31 August 2025.

Please, remember that there are hundreds of different scholarships and they have different opening and closing dates. Students must review the information outlined for each scholarship as the dates vary between each scholarship. All scholarships listed on the UniSA Scholarships website have the opening and closing dates included for the 2025-2026 academic year.

More than 2500 UniSA students from all walks of life receive scholarships and awards worth millions of dollars each year, so there’s a good possibility you’ll be one of them.

A scholarship could be just what you need to make university life a little bit easier. Scholarships frequently involve not just financial support, but also useful work experience, mentoring opportunities, and even international travel.

Types Of University of South Australia (UniSA) Scholarships 2025-2026:UniSA Scholarships

There are many forms of scholarships offer to students at the University of South Australia (UniSA). Below is a list of scholarship types:

  1. Undergraduate Student Scholarships
  2. Postgraduate Student Scholarships
  3. UniSA College Student Scholarships
  4. UniSA Online Student Scholarships
  5. International Student Scholarships
  6. Research Student Scholarships
  7. External Scholarships
  8. Placement Grants

UniSA’s Scholarships provide financial assistance to students from various backgrounds. They generally involve not just financial support, but also useful work experience, mentoring opportunities, and even international travel.

The University of South Australia (UniSA) has a lot of scholarships and grants to support your success at university, and encourages you to apply now!

How to Apply for the University of South Australia (UniSA) Scholarship 2025-2026 Application

In order to help you get started with your application and to let you know what to expect throughout the scholarship process (applying, assessment, outcomes, payment, and ongoing requirements), we have compiled some useful information and a step by step guide you must follow in the right direction!

  1. Go to the UniSA website:
  2. Access the UniSA Scholarship portal by logging into myUniSA
  3. Then, select my “Current Studies”
  4. This will display a “my Scholarships” link under the heading Related Information
  5. Click on “my Scholarships”. This will direct you to my Scholarship homepage
  6. Once you are on my Scholarships, the home page will display a list of individual scholarships that are open for application
  7. Click on the scholarship name and it will give you a brief description of the scholarship
  8. The full details of scholarship requirements will be available from the scholarships website.
  9. Click on the “apply button” to start your application
  10. As soon as you click apply, you will be asked a few eligibility questions
  11. Read carefully and answer the questions. It is important to answer these questions truthfully and accurately
  12. Complete and submit your application. Please, make sure that your application is completed well before the application closing date indicated for that scholarship.

You can save your application and return it later if you are unable to submit it right away. After that, the status button will change from “apply” to “proceed.” Just keep in mind that you must submit your application before the deadline to be considered!

Once you have submitted your responses to the eligibility criteria AND given all needed supporting evidence, your application is considered complete.

You will be advised via automated email to your student email account if you have met the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, and if you will be proceeding to the next stage of the application process.

This email also states if you will be required to submit a supporting document for your application, and what that supporting documentation is. Once you have provided all the requested supporting document, you have finalised your application and it is ready for assessment!

University of South Australia (UniSA) Scholarship Application Status Check 2025-2026

Assessments take place AFTER the closing date of the application period. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application approximately 8 weeks after the closing date. During the assessment period, a UniSA staff member may contact you to clarify the information you have supplied or seek more paperwork to support your application. To check your UniSA Scholarship application status for 2025-2025, follow the steps below

  1. Visit “my Scholarship” homage
  2. Select the “my Applications” tab at the top
  3. This display a list of all the scholarships that you have applied for and the scholarship you were awarded and have accepted
  4. Select the scholarship name to check your status
  5. This will bring up a list of your responses to the application
  6. Scholarships that have been awarded but you have not yet accepted will appear on the homepage under “My Offered Scholarships”.


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